Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ed Sheeran's New Ink

By now, I'm sure we've all seen Ed Sheeran's new (and massive) lion head tattoo on his chest. The piece is absolutely beautiful and according to end very painful. It took roughly 6 hours to do says Sheeran's tattoo artist Kevin Paul and still has about 6 more hours of work left to be complete. Paul does most of Ed's ink and says he "usually handles the pain well". With this one it was quite the opposite. "...Through the last hour on this piece you could see the pain started to get to him. The chest is a painful place to get inked," he explains.

What exactly does it mean for the singer/songwriter, though? Ed wanted to get massive ink tatted on him for selling out a trio of shows at Wembley Stadium. Originally he was going to get the floor plan of the arena, but opted for the lion instead. We must say he made a great choice, it looks stunning!

Spoiler Alert: Pretty Little Liars "A" Reveal!

Last night was the biggest night in all of Pretty Little Liars history. We've waited 6 seasons, over 100 episodes, and about a billion lies later to finally know who "A" is, and last night was the night it all went down. It was revealed that CeCe Drake is in fact "A" and also Ali's brother. Yeah, Cece is actually Charles DiLaurentis, but during a stint (a stint that lasted most of her life) in Radley, had a gender change and became what we know throughout the show as Cece Drake.

Yes we know this is weird. That means she dated her own brother and tortured her own sister and her sister's friends all because the game was "fun". The game that she originally stole from Mona while in Radley. I know, we're all still trying to make sense of it still, as well. Needless to say, last night's episode answered a bunch of questions for us including who Red Coat and Black Widow were (Sara Harvey).

We are still left with a bunch of other unanswered questions like, who killed Ian? Who killed Mrs. D? What happened to the five moms stuck in the basement of the DiLaurentis home? Oh, and WHAT DID WREN AND MELISSA HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? If I'm being honest, I thought Wren was "A".

Season 6B will be a flash forward of the girls five years from now and someone is after Ali again it seems. The Liars have lived an "A" free life while in college, but the second they come back to Rosewood it seems all hell breaks loose again. Now we are all wondering who this "he" person is in the new 6B trailer amongst our other unanswered questions. So much went on in last night's episode and I just don't think we were all ready yet. We need more, more questions answered, more reveals, 'cause that I'm sorry was just not enough. All I'm saying is Marlene please HELP!

P.S. Emily hitting Sara gave me life.

-- Sami J

Friday, August 7, 2015

Zayn and Perrie Call Off Engagement

First Zayn leaves 1D, then he signs to RCA records, which we aren't even too mad about. This one grinds our gears a little bit, though. Zayn called off his engagement to Little Mixer, Perrie Edwards which if I recall was the original reason he left 1D to begin with.

Once news surfaced, Edwards says she's doing "good" after the split, but we know this has got to be killing her. She has been promoting her album with Little Mix across the UK. She seems very strong during interviews yet, we here at Total Access feel her pain.

All and all its just sad news. We were really rooting for them, but now we can't help but feel a litle animosity towards Zayn for all of this. What do you guys think?